See How People Make Money From Bitcoin (A Must Read)

How Do People Make Money from this Bitcoin Sef?

There are multiple ways of making money off Bitcoin. But today, I will be focusing on two.

1. INVESTING: Bitcoin investment is one way to make money off cryptocurrency. Personally, I am a testimony to this method. When you think of Bitcoin investment, you have to think long term. For instance, in March 2010, the price of bitcoin was $0.03 it was not even up to 100 Naira. It took up to 2017 for the price of bitcoin to hit $20k.

Now with investing, you have to ensure that you buy bitcoin when the price is down and sell when the price goes up. Although this is similar to trading, the difference is that it is long term.

2. TRADING: Bitcoin trading is very popular today, but most people still do not understand it. There are different ways to trade bitcoin. It is either you are trading bitcoin against Fiat (Naira) or trading Bitcoin against other altcoins like tatcoin_token .
There are several exchanges that allow you to convert your fiat to BTC and vice versa.

Another way to trade Bitcoin against fiat is via peer to peer exchange when you sell your bitcoin in exchange for fiat. .
Also when it comes to trading bitcoin against other altcoins, you need to understand market analysis or have a place where you get signals. This is what Abitrader App helps you to do. With signals, you know the coins to buy, at what price to buy and when to sell.

Bitcoin trading enables you to make a profit if you adhere to all the trading rules. .
To learn more about trading rules, you will have to follow Abitrader App Also, visit to begin your lessons on how to be a crypto trader.


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