END SARS: How To Successful Retrieve Your Money Back From SARS Men or Scammers Effortlessly In Two Ways. (MUST READ)

What Is SARS?

Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is a dreaded controversial unit of the Nigeria Police Force. SARS is one of the 14 units in the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department which was established to detain, investigate and prosecute people involved in crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping and other forms of crimes. Headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police Anthony Ogbizi who receives directives from the Inspector General of Police.

When & Why Was SARS Created?

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad was founded in 1992 by former police commissioner Simeon Danladi Midenda.

The major reason SARS was formed was when Col. Rindam, a Nigerian Army Colonel was killed by police officers at a checkpoint in Lagos. When the information reached the army, soldiers were dispatched into the streets of Lagos in search of any police officer.

The Nigerian police withdrew from checkpoints, security areas and other points of interest for criminals, some police officers were said to have resigned while others fled for their lives.

Due to the absence of police for over two weeks crime rate increased and SARS was formed with only 15 officers operating in the shadows without knowledge of the army while monitoring police radio chatters.

Due to the existence of already established three anti-robbery squad which was operational at that time, Midenda needed to distinguish his squad from the already existing teams. Midenda named his team Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

After months of dialogue the Nigerian Army and the Nigeria Police Force came to an understanding and official police duties began again in Lagos. The SARS unit was officially commissioned in Lagos following a ceasefire by the army after settlement.

What Are SARS Known For?

SARS is known for extortion, torture, framing up suspects and even blackmail innocent people. SARS have become a controversial police unit in Nigeria since 2012 according to reports.

How To Successful Retrieve Your Money Back From SARS Men Effortlessly In Two Ways.

This implies to scammers also not just SARS. When you get scammed by anyone, do not panic. You will surely get your money back. It will only take little bit of your time. I have helped few persons recovered their money through this method successfully.

Okay Here We Go!

It’s obvious that SARS men are arm robbers in police uniform. Harassing, killing and stealing from the masses. When they extort money from you, do not panic. Don’t argue. Go home with your life intact. If the money was taken through a bank transfer, this what to do.

Option One:

Visit your bank or call the customer service representative, provide the necessary information required for account ownership verifications. Then tell the bank that your account was compromised (HACKED) and the exact amount the SARS operatives collected from you, was transferred from your account.

Do you understand what I mean? Tell your bank that your account was HACKED. Make sure you use the word “HACK”. Bank take such issues more serious than anything. Then tell them the exact amount that was taken away from you by the SARS men. Do not mention anything SARS or Scammer to the bank. They might ignore you. The Nigerian bank customer service representatives can be silly most times.

After that, the recipient account i.e. the account your money was transferred to, will be frozen within 24hrs or more. The account holder can only make deposit but cannot withdraw until the issue is settled and your money refunded back to you!

In some cases, you will be asked to go to court and get court order of erroneous transfer, and the rest is history. You will get your money back effortlessly. It can only take little bit of your time like I said earlier.

Note: This method is only for duped or scammed victims. Some of you reading this, I know what’s running through your mind. Do not try this if you were not truely scammed or extorted by SARS or anyone else. To avoid getting yourself into trouble.

But then, I heard that SARS men no longer accept mobile transfer from their preys. That they forces the person to a nearby POS or ATM for withdrawal. And by so doing, it’s untraceable”.

In this case, you’ll have to apply the,

Option Two:

All you need to do is to visit the nearest native doctor. With 2-5K, everything is settled and you’ll get your money back. How possible is that? Don’t worry about that..your money will get to you by any means. We are Africans. Rooted in culture and tradition. Anything is possible in AFRICA!!!

Hope you find this piece helpful. #EndSars

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